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Condition Chart

When looking at an items description, the condition will be in bold. Follow this chart so you can understand the meanings of each condition rating.

Mint: Perfect, pristine, no signs of wear.
Near Mint: Like new, no flaws to report.
Excellent: Has been worn, no flaws to report.
Very Good: Noted minor flaws, easily repairable or already repaired, wearable as purchased.
Good: Noted minor flaws, most likely repairable or already repaired, wearable with care or after repair.
Fair: Numerous noted flaws, some significant, possibly repairable/wearable.
Poor: Damaged beyond repair with value as a study piece, not wearable.

All items are cleaned prior to your receiving them unless they are dry clean only. Those items will be aired out and fluffed as we do not have a reliable dry cleaner in our area for vintage garments.

We do not clean items that still have tags unless we can safely remove the tag to clean and return it.

All items are stored in a pet and smoke free area of the home with air filter. We do have a dog and an occasional guest who smokes, but we take great care in providing you with a perfectly cleaned garment.