"A Vintage Paradise"

Posted by Crystal Campbell on

One summer morning I awakened to the sweet aroma of a fresh pot of coffee. I crawled out of bed and thought that this is going to be a good day as I seen the sun peeking thru the vintage hawaiian barkcloth curtains.

I went to the closet to find the perfect vintage dress, a simple pink 50’s house dress with a cute detailed chest pocket. I pulled out my vintage stockings and my favorite white heels and put them on. Next I went to the vanity and opened the jewelry box and pulled out my bakelite necklace and bracelet. I did my hair and set out for a beautiful day.

I went to the kitchen and sat down to read the paper and drink my morning coffee. I sifted thru the ads and something beautiful caught my eye. “For Sale: Out of Business store selling off Vintage stock. Call for appt.” I quickly grabbed the phone and carefully dialed the number as thoughts of beautiful dresses raced thru my head.

I called and got an appointment to see the stock that morning. There was so much to do just in case! I rushed in to change out of my dress and put something more treasure seeking worthy, gathered bags, some gloves, and cash! Lots of Cash!

Now most of us know that we can’t expect too much, because some buys don’t work out, but I had a good feeling about this one for some reason!

I got in the van and ventured to the address I was given. The outside of the building had been boarded up for a long time, as I have driven past this place a million times over my life. There was an old store sign painted on the side of the old brick building. It was barely legible, but you could still make out the store name. I never really noticed it before, but in my local hunts I would find items from this store dating 40’s thru the 60’s.

I parked my van and got out. I went to the door to knock and a young gentleman met me at the door. He opened the door and welcomed me in.

My eyes must have gotten the size of silver dollars, because he asked me if I was OK. I just said Yes, I can’t believe it! “A Vintage Paradise!” He chuckled and said I would like $XXX for all of it. I asked if I could look around and he told me to take my time.

I headed toward the first rack. Beautiful fitted 40’s suits! I look inside the jacket and find a Lilli Ann label! The next one too! My heart starts fluttering as I walked over to the next rack.

It is filled with lingerie, Vanity Fair, Barbizon, and many more! Most of it was 50’s piegnoirs! Beautiful pastel colors! I smiled so big and had to stop and make sure I wasn’t jumping up and down!

I stopped and looked back thru the store and seen a sea of fashion ranging from the late 30’s thru the 60’s! Suddenly, something catches my eye! A great psychodelic dress with a matching robe. I walked over to it and the closer I got the more apparent the tiny name in the print got. A Pucci! Then behind that, A Leonard! I turned to talk to the gentleman.

I am very interested in all of this and would like to buy it. He said, you haven’t even looked at the rest. I was stunned, there was more? I already looked at dresses, peignoirs, suits, hats hanging on the wall, shoes on the rack at the back, purses, stockings, panties, and gloves. How could there be more?

He looked at me and said, I only brought up a couple pieces from each box in the basement for display of the stock, and there is even more upstairs.

I so wanted to faint, but I couldn’t ruin this! I said I don’t need to look, I will take it all. I called mom and she rushed down with some more money and I happily paid the gentleman. He handed me the key and said when you are done, give me a call and I will meet you to get the key back. You make sure you take everything. Don’t forget upstairs, the basement, and the attic. Although I am not exactly sure what is up there, I only flashed a light around, but there are more dresses and a couple trunks up there.

I went and rented a U-Haul and a storage shed. I came back and started to pack stuff up to take to storage till I could get it cleaned and ready to offer for those that love vintage. It seemed like days loading and unloading boxes of beautiful fitted dresses, beaded sweaters, peep toe platform shoes, peignoirs, lucite purses, designer outfits, and so much more!

As I put the last box into the storage shed……..

I woke up!

Someday I will have this find, if it is only in my dreams!