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Vintage Research Resources

Designer Resources

Designer History
Fashion Windows
Fashion at – Lots of info here! (beware of pop ups)
Infomat’s Who’s Who – includes new designers
Mode a Paris – Great info

Hawaiian Resources

Hawaiian Buttons This is from the book – Hawaiian Shirt Designs – Nancy N. Schiffer
Hawaiian Labels – From Books and Friends!
The Hawaiian Shirt – Its Art & History – Thomas Steele
Vintage Hawaiian Shirt – So many Hawaiian shirts, so Little time!
American Textile History Museum – Old Exhibit w/ some pics.

Lace Resources

Lace Fairy
Marla Mallett

Label Resources

Vintage Fashion Guild – Label Resource
Work Tags – Vintage work clothing
T-shirt Tags

Motorcycle/Leather Jackets Resouces

Vintage Motorcycle Jackets – includes other leather jackets
Flight Jackets

Levis, Lees, Wrangler Resouces

Levis 501 Details
Lee Details
Wrangler Tags
Jean Jackets – includes Lee & Wranglers
Lee Jean History – History of Lee jeans.
Levis Guide

Other Resources

The Thrift Shopper – Find a thrift store near you!
Style Terms w/ Pictures – From Vintage Clothing Accessories Ebay Board
Color Terms – List from Vintage Clothing Accessories Ebay Board
Color Names – With color samples
Buzz Words – List from Vintage Clothing Accessories Ebay Board
How to Measure – From Vintage Clothing Accessories Ebay Board
Vintage Fashion Guild
KNOT – Kollectors of Nasty Old Ties! Great 40’s Ties Site!
Dress King – Fashion Glossary
Hats UK – Hat Glossary
Pronunciation of Designer Names
1934 Sears Catalog Pictures
1941 FOGA List – Bbrueg from Fashion Trac
RN Database
Trademark Search
Fashion History
Victoria & Albert Museum – Lots of Everything
Doyle New York Auctions
Croc or Gator? – This will help you tell the difference!
Miss Helene’s Vintage Patterns Information – Great Pattern Info!
History of the Zipper(watch out for pop ups or ads)
Fiber Burn Test – How to
Burn Test Results – Smell Descriptions
Dating Mens Suits
Dating Vintage Ties
Dating Men’s Shirts
Vera Bradley Retired Patterns

Now I know no one believes me, but I saw this on AMW (Americas Most Wanted), so take it for what you think its worth. I can’t figure it out, it does not seem to work for me. They say you can date a garment by the ILGWU tag.
It said that you have to look at the last 2 numbers on the back of the tag and that was the date. They called and this is what they were told. You can follow the link below and it takes you to the page of the investigation. If you scroll to the bottom you will see it. The 2 numbers above the long row of numbers means something too, probably the month but usually we can’t see that part of the tag unless we take a seam out. Now take this for what its worth, but this is what they said, I’m not making it up!
A Bone Cold Case

Jewelry Resources
Enchanted Learning – Jewelry Glossary

Shoe & Handbag Resources

Vintage Fashion Guild – Shoes Resource
Women’s Fashions Shoes
High Heel Shoe Museum
Shoe Icon – Awesome Shoe Museum
Soulmates - A Century in Shoes
Zappos Shoe and Handbag Glossary
Handbag Shapes – Awesome site!
Shoe Conversion Chart