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What was Fashion like in the 40’s?

40s fashionWith restrictions being placed on natural fibers around 1942, designers were forced to start using other fibers to produce clothing. Rayon and Viscose being the main fibers that were being used. Rayon production was geared up to make up for natural fibers that were being rationed. Designers and Pattern makers had to cut down on the amounts of fabric used, so dresses got shorter, smaller hems, no pleating, and no extra buttons or trims for design.40s fashion

Outfits mixed and matched to make it appear that you had more garments than you really had. Thus making one outfit serve many purposes.

Nylon Stockings basically disappeared by 1943 because of nylon being a restricted item. Ladies were taught to apply makeup and use eyebrow pencils down the backs of their legs to create the look of having stockings on.

Hair was worn in “do-rags” with pin curls underneath while they were in the workforce. 40s fashion40s fashionThis kept their hair from getting caught in machines and keeping chemicals from getting in their hair. In the evening, they could remove the “do-rag” and pull out the pin curls so they could style their hair for a dance or other affair.

Leather became restricted, so shoes were being made of reptile skins and mesh. Shoes were wood or cork soled. Heel heights were also limited to 1" by the US Government.

In 1947 Christian Dior created the “New Look”, bringing back longer and fuller skirts and jackets with nipped waists.

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