Color Terms

List from Ebay Vintage Clothing and Accessories

BEIGE: bisque, taupe, sand, shell, sandstone, barley, oatmeal, putty, khaki, wheat, mushroom, chamois, grain, champagne, clay, pebble, fawn, almond, buff, flax, cafe au lait, Bare Beige, Cord Beige, Flax Beige, Canvas Beige,, Sandstone, Biscuit Tan, Oakleaf, Spanish Moss, Buff, Sand, Smoky Beige, French Beige, Nacre, Cream, String , Peach Beige, Sahara Sand, Praline Cream, Ancient Amber, Pearl Bisque, Buff

BLACK: Gothic Black, Onyx Black, Jet Black blue-black , midnight black, ink black , Obsidian, Charcoal , ink, ebony, antique, soot, raven, licorice, blackcat black,

BLUE - Midnight Blue, Navy, Denim, Cyan, Capri Blue, Ice Blue, Powder Blue, Baby Blue, Cerulean Blue, Marine Blue, Ocean Blue, Pacific Blue, my favorite Cobalt ,lavender blue, hyacinth blue , cerulean blue ,neon blue robin’s egg blue ,sapphire blue , cornflower blue , the blue of a deep pool of water in the late afternoon sun , oil slick iridescent blue – peacock feather blue , the color of iridescent butterfly wings , Wedgwood blue Electric blue, Smurf, Blueberry, Moody Blue, For-get-me-not Blue, Sky Blue, Slate Blue, Steel Blue, Midnight Blue, Teal, Turquoise, Baby Blue, Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Blueberry Blue, Sea Blue, periwinkle, Caribbean blue, twilight blue, electric blue, Tiffany box blue, sonata blue, robin’s egg, denim, Wedgwood , periwinkle, cadet, cornflower, steel, sky, robin’s egg, turquoise, iris, royal, teal, indigo, cerulean, azure, aqua, aquamarine, midnight, ocean, abalone, cobalt, ultramarine, navy, Prussian, marine, French, Caribbean, lake, river, delft, cyan, Bahaman, Tahiti, water, sapphire, blueberry, haze, storm, powder, baby, electric, ice, hyacinth, gentian, peacock, Wedgwood, Pale Chambray, Periwinkle, Bluebird, Monaco, Marine, Midnight, Hyacinth, Parakeet,, Bermuda, Sapphire, Yale, Steel, Cornflower, Empire, Williamsburg, Oxford Blue, Brilliant, Light Royal, Midnight, Blue Jean, Denim, Ocean, Deep Sky, Sistine, Mermaid, Spring Sky, Asian Aqua, Waterlily, Cobblestone Grey, Delft, Light Delft, , Copenhagen,, Ming, Azure, Air Force Blue, Rocket, Aster, Marine Aqua, Limoges, Peacock, Teal, Alpine

BROWN - Tan, Maroon, Copper, Bronze, Burnt umber, sienna, earth brown, chocolate brown, cappuccino brown, rust brown, resin, truffles brown, fox brown, auburn, golden brown. chocolate, coffee, latte, cafe au lait, toffee , fawn, woody, walnut, Putty, Greige, Brownish red – Claret, brandy, rust, clay red, walnut, mahogany, espresso, saddle, redwood, coffee bean, acorn, topaz, java, root, adobe, nutmeg, cocoa, chocolate, sherry, peat, chestnut, oxblood, terra cotta, oak, antique, Bordeaux, bracken, amber, burnt almond, cafe noir, fox, Havana, maple, partridge, umber, toast, cognac, bourbon, coffee, Chocolate,Hemp,Dark Soapstone, Taupe, Maple Sugar, Henna, Pigskin , Hacienda, Classic Clay, Cordial, Burnt, Aztec, Cinnamon, California Gold, Molten Copper, Rust, Auburn, Brickstone, Copper, Chestnut, Seal, Coconut, Rich Earth, Caramel Brown, Fawn Cocoa

GRAY/GREY: pearl, dove, steel, gunmetal, charcoal, slate, chrome, metal, heather, cement, lead, flint, pebble, storm, soot, ash, smoke, cinder, iron, plumbago , silver, gunmetal gray, ash, Steel, Platinum, Fossil, Silver, Cinder Smoke, Pewter

GREEN – Jade, Kelly Green, Crystal Green, Chartreuse, Olive, Shamrock, Caribbean Green, peacock feather green (bluegreen) – parrot feather green – emerald – green the color of fresh picked limes – key lime green – chartreuse – acid green (both these are yellow greens) – peridot (this is not a french word; the final “t” is pronounced, not silent) – turquoise green – St Patrick’s day green – grass green -green the color of the grass of a well-watered suburban lawn, golf course, etc – a full, rich green redolent of the color of the trees of late summer seen from a distance (almost hunter green)-khaki – Celery Green, Alpine, Mystic, Teal, Chive, Seafoam, Jadestone, Boxwood, Moss, Spinach, Evergreen, Canton, Alps,

ORANGE Peach, Papaya, the color of ripe mangos – persimmon -fresh orange juice – cinnamon sprinkles – rust (diamonds and rust) – apricot – cantaloupe – the streak of orange just before the sun drops out of sight – neon – color of an autumn leaf – orange with a touch of rose ,Tangerine, melon, pumpkin, sunset, traffic cone orange, Orange sherbet, Mandarin, Carrot, Garfield orange, persimmon, peach, tangerine, russet, rust, burnt, poppy, harvest moon, pumpkin, coral, adobe, cantaloupe, melon, salmon, apricot, mandarin

PINK – Baby Pink, Fuchsia, Orchid, Tickle Me Pink, Pink Flamingo, Blush pink, ash rose, cotton candy – neon – ashes of roses (a pale grey pink) , rose , baby’s skin , rose petal -,coral -shocking pink (Schiap’s trademark color, a vivid hot pink with a tinge of blue), hot pink -,pretty in pink (which also calls up an era in the color’s name) – peachy pink , a rose the color of the blush on the skins of fresh peaches ,a soft pink the color of the early evening sky – pink carnations , Barbie, Salmon, cotton candy pink, Schiaperelli pink, strawberry ice cream pink, pink lemonade, pink sherbert, old fashion pink, pastel pink., dusty pink, cherry candy, pepto-bismal, plastic, peppermint pink, bubblegum pink, shocking pink, raspberry, strawberry, watermelon, shell pink, ballet slipper pink, Raspberry Sorbet, Cadillac pink, shell, petal, blossom, ice, watermelon, magenta, shocking, geranium, hot, azalea, fuchsia, coral, haze, powder, begonia, rose, carnation, tea rose

PURPLE – a color dark and intense like deep purple pansies – a color rich but softened like the deep lavender grey in the sky just before the sun sinks below the horizon – FYI, violet can be tinted with both red and blue, thereby making blue-violet and red-violet. if you have doubts about which one you have, hold something pure blue and then pure red against the purple and the underlying tint will either match or not – clarifying things. the color of spring violets – the color of rare lavender roses – mauve, the favorite color of the tragic Empress Alexandra of Russia – grape , wine , kool-aid , Amethyst, Mauve, Wisteria, Eggplant, Lavender, Orchid, Violet, Thistle, Heather, Slurple Purple, Plum, Blue Violet, Indigo, Royal Purple, mauve, berry, lilac, iris, lavender, plum, pansy, grape, concord, wine, claret, burgundy, magenta, aborigine, amethyst, orchid, mulberry, blackberry, haze, beet, port, hyacinth, imperial, violet, raisin, , Rajah, Royal, Cardinal, Londonberry, Plum, Brandywine, Spring Wine, Lilac, Fuchsia, Pansy, Boysenberry, Candy Orchid, Imperial, Wild Grape, Heather, Grape Crush

RED - brick red, a deep blue-red the color of the American beauty rose, Burgundy, Rouge, Magenta, Tuscan Red, Carmine, Maroon, Victorian Rose, Scarlet, Strawberry, Torch Red, Garnet, Crimson, scarlet, rich red, lipstick red, Revlon red , China Red or Chinese Red, Poppy, Blood Red, Candy Apple Red, Matador Red, Cherry, Really Red, Lipstick Red, Blood Red, Crimson, Tomato Red, Indian Red, Dark Red, Raspberry Red, Orange Red, Strawberry Red, Cranberry Red, Cardinal Red, Sherry Red, Chili Red, Claret Red, Fire Red, Flame Red, Fiesta Red, Jelly Bean Red, Peppermint Red, Persimmon, Persian Red, Scarlet Red, Sunset Red, Ruby Red, , auburn, cranberry, wine, tomato, cherry, apple, poppy, hibiscus, cinnamon, crimson, cherry, vermilion, wine, ruby, garnet, beet, adobe, brick, flame, cinnabar, fire engine, lipstick, Steaming, True, Scarlet, Crimson, Cherry, American Beauty, Geranium, Atom Red, Artillery Red, Paprika, Poppy, Garnet, Tomato, Tomato Bisque, Lobster Bisque, Ashes of Roses, Shrimp, Winter Apple, Carmine, Raspberry

WHITE - Antique White, Pearl, Linen, Hemp, Wheat, Bisque , Off White, Eggshell, Pearl, Cream, Eggshell White, ecru, natural, Navajo, platinum, bone, Latte, Snow, Virgin white, crisp white, paper white, sugar, pure white, snow winter white, off-white, cream, ivory, snow/y, ice, cloud, off, ivory, cream/y, paper, birch, diamond, antique, porcelain, opal, bone, winter, lotus, oyster, platinum, silver, champagne, glacier, eggshell, ecru, lamb, iceberg, alabaster, pearl, flake, dutch, almond, blanched almond, buff, flax

YELLOW - Citrine, Topaz, Citron Yellow, Canary Yellow, Straw Yellow, Cornsilk, the color of distilled sunlight, pale sun mixed with tea to soften it (I have a laura ashley that can only be described this way) ,marigold, daffodils – lemon yellow ,lemon meringue , lemon drop , tuscan gold , lemon sherbet , neon , amber, curious yellow (yeah, I know it’s a car paint color and a movie), banana, sunset yellow, lemon yellow, buttercup yellow, burnt yellow, mellow yellow, butterscotch yellow, amber yellow, sunshine yellow, goldenrod, mustard, chiffon, powder, butter, primrose, honey, chrome, crocus, jonquil, maize, old ivory, paris, saffron, sunflower